Petra Hewitt

Owner & Disp. Optician

Qualifications: RDONZ - Owner

I decided to follow in my fathers and grandfathers footsteps in 1993 when I started my apprenticeship as Dispensing Optician. I remember as a child always loving to watch my father and grandfather at work. I feel very passionate about the optics industry and love all aspects of it . I enjoy keeping up with the technical side of optics such as the forever changing lens technology. I enjoy interacting with my customers and being able to find the perfect solution for each client.

The wide variety of people that come to Orewa Optics always stimulates me and I love finding the right lens and frame choice for them. My motto is: “We are all individuals and one size does NOT fit all”. Attention to detail in all aspects of this industry is something I have inherited from my father who was and still is an amazing teacher.

When I purchased Orewa Optics from my parents in 2007 I knew I had large shoes to fill. I thrive to be as thorough and accurate as my father and build on the business acumen of my mother. I will always look to them for advice and guidance.

I have a very supportive husband who spends many hours listening to me talking about the industry I love and over the years he has picked up a lot of “Optical terminology”. My two lovely children are growing up way too fast and even though they are still young they are already showing interest in the optics industry - so watch this space, the 4th generation may be in the making. In our spare time we enjoy cycling, going for walks, tramping and skiing.


I have been coming to Orewa Optics for 2 years with 2 of my children who have worn glasses since they were preschoolers. Petra and Grant and the team at Orewa Optics are always friendly and helpful on our many visits for getting the boys glasses adjusted and for regular check ups. We are always greeted by name and the boys are always happy to visit because they feel welcomed into the store. Grant has built a fantastic rapport with the boys and they feel at ease during their eye checks. The professional and personal service is always of a high level at Orewa Optics.

Kylie McIntyre

Thanks so much for the outstanding care you and your team at Orewa Optics have shown our children and their eye health. Playing golf is a revelation to Anna since she was fitted with Ortho K. Not wearing glasses or lenses throughout the day has made her life much easier, especially sport! Grant has explained every step of the way how her eyes are changing with Ortho K and she loves seeing the latest computer images at her checkups. We were also delighted that Sam’s condition was detected at an early stage and that preventative measures were able to be taken to hopefully prevent further deterioration in his eye sight. Your wonderful team of skilled staff, are always available to provide outstanding and friendly support to our children and have readily answered any questions they have had. Keep up the great work Orewa Optics!

Marcel and Kellie Reinen