Our world is beautiful: full of awe-inspiring views, wonderful scenes and magical moments. Can you really picture anything better than enjoying every day in rich, crisp, vibrant Kodak Lens detail?

Our advanced technological lenses optimise your sight whilst maximising your look, with all the latest frame styles.

The Kodak Lens research and development teams are constantly striving to 'better the best' in all lens materials and designs. At Kodak Lens, we have high standards, and want to remain ahead of the rest.

All of our lenses are technologically advanced to give wearers an enhanced visual experience; from our anti-reflection coatings, that will virtually eliminate reflections from your lenses, making them clearer to look through, to our Thin & Lite Lenses which give you better looking glasses that feel so much more comfortable to wear.

There is a Kodak Lens available for everyone - all ages, all lifestyles, all prescriptions, all budgets - your Optician will be happy to help you choose the best one for you.