It took the style-progressive French to create a non traditional design statement.

‘Dilem’ eyeglasses provide a trendy alternative to your monochromatic specs. Instead of having to take out a third mortgage on your grand-parents farm to buy two or more pairs of glasses (to match an occassion or outfit) the ingenious innovators at Dilem have created eyeglasses with interchangeable side arms.

A massive range of colour combinations have been designed, including pattern titles like the warrior, the sonic, the leopard and the Maori. It’s all about mood and when that changes, so can your adjustable eyeglasses.

They are constructed of a technical polymer XP2, which is ultra light yet super strong and the temple arms are easy to interchange. Just un-clip to release and clip-in to secure. If you like to complement your wardrobe or your mood with trendy specs these may just be your chameleon ‘eyes’.