Comprehensive Eye Tests


Our Optometrist will conduct a comprehensive eye-exam taking a full 45 minutes with them that will check the health of your eyes inside and out. As well as finding the best correction for your vision they also check and monitor your eyes for conditions such as cataract, glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration and others.

An Eye-Examination is Recommended Every 2 Years

An eye-examination is recommended every 2 years or sooner if there is any personal or family history of eye health problems. Every child should have their eyes examined at the start of school or before if you suspect any problems.

When you book your eye-examination with our Optometrist we recommend you allow at least 45 minutes, and then some time afterwards for frame selection, consultation and advice from one of our friendly dispensing opticians (if needed).

Latest Diagnostic Equipment

At Orewa Optics we have the latest diagnostic equipment including:

- Retinal Imaging Photography
- Visual field Examination (Medmont field analyser)
- i-Care Tonomoter for painless Glaucoma screening. No more drops or sudden puff of air.

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