Ortho K FAQ

  • Can I see with my Ortho K lenses in?

Yes, all Ortho K wearers can of course see clearly with their lenses out, but our the lenses also provide equally clear vision when they are in.

  • Are the lenses comfortable?

Yes, the manufacture of Ortho K lenses makes them very smooth with perfectly rounded edges; and during sleep they cannot be felt. We have had no reports of disturbed sleep from wearing lenses. When you first put them in they may feel a bit gritty, but this subsides over a few days or weeks and most wearers can function quite happily while they are still in – such as when you awaken in the night or on waking up in the morning.

  • Can they go behind my eye?

No, the lenses fit on the centre of your eye and even if they did move, there is a pocket (fornix) up under your upper lid just like the one you can see if you pull your lower lid down.

  • Do I need to wear them every night?

This varies from person to person. Most people wear them every night or every second night. Your optometrist will advise you what schedule is best for your eyes and vision.

  • How often do the lenses need to be replaced?

Despite its perfect surfaces, an Ortho K lens is still a foreign body in the eye. An annual check up is mandatory and lenses may need to be replaced two yearly at the least. If your vision changes or your lenses get damaged they may need to be replaced sooner. Old, scratched and dirty lenses increase the chances of eye infections and must be replaced for eye health and safety.

  • Are the lenses hard to take care of?

No - just rub them clean with the recommended solution when you take them out, and store in the case provided. Because they're worn while you sleep, there are no hassles during the day — no drying out, no adjusting lenses, and no cases or solutions to carry around. Most people also need to do a brief monthly protein removal in Progent solution.

  • Can I use tap water to clean or store my lenses?

No - You must use only the solutions recommended by your optometrist. The wrong solutions can affect your lenses or damage your eye. Tap water contains bugs that can cause serious infections with overnight wear and should be avoided except in an emergency. 

  • Is Ortho K reversible?

Yes - your eyes will return naturally to their original shape if you leave the lenses out for more than a day or two. People who have worn Ortho K can still have Lasik eye surgery in the future. Lasik creates permanent changes which cannot be reversed.

  • Is it expensive?

Ortho K is by far the least expensive form of contact lens correction over time and is less than half the price of Lasik eye surgery.


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