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Orewa Optics has a large range of quality sunglasses. All brands are of high quality and a large number are also suitable to turn into your very own prescription sunglasses without anyone knowing.

We stock a large number of exclusive fashion labels, some of our popular brands include Maui Jim, Bill Bass, Adidas, Gucci, Oroton, Oakley.

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What You Need To Know

In today’s consumer world we are bombarded with many choices in products with varying degrees of quality and prices. Sunglasses are no exception. Good quality sunglasses start from about $100.

    • A Fashion Statement

Sunglasses have become a fashion statement and many of the worlds leading fashion brands have developed their own ranges to cash in on this.  Many fashion labels use their sunglasses range to complement their clothes and reinforce their brand power.  But there is more to sunglasses than being a fashion statement; the most important role is for them to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun.  Excessive exposure to these harmful UV rays can cause sunburn of the eyes and over time this can lead to cataracts, premature ageing and macular degeneration. 

    • Wearing Cheaper Sunglasses can be More Harmful

There are 3 forms of harmful UV rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. Cheaper sunglasses generally only block UVA and UVB while better quality lenses block UVC.  Wearing cheaper darkened sunglasses which do not offer UV protection can be more harmful to your eyes than wearing no sunglasses at all. This is because the darkened lenses causes’ pupil dilation, your iris will stay open longer allowing the harmful UV rays to penetrate into your eye.

Also good quality sunglasses have optically correct lenses which means they have no distortions that make the eyes feel tired after wearing them for a while.

    • Better Quality Lenses Offer Better Protection

Better quality lenses contain more protective layers than cheaper lenses which will offer better protection and all sunglasses sold in New Zealand must comply with the joint Australian and New Zealand standard (AS/NZS 1067:2003).
Beware of this when purchasing especially overseas!

A good quality pair of sunglasses will have the lenses sitting properly within the frame with no obvious gaps and will have strong hinges to ensure they outlast a cheap pair. The optics of the lenses into a wrap around frame should be compensated for the curvature. Often in cheaper wrap around designs there is no wrap compensation causing distortions.

With so many frame designs available it pays to ensure they fit the shape of your face correctly so the UV rays do not enter through the side of the glasses.

NZ Cancer Society Eye Protection Information Here

We only sell top quality sunglasses and we make sure they give great protection and are fitted correctly to your face.
We also sell prescription lenses to fit into your fashionable sunglasses.

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