Low vision is reduced vision that cannot be improved by further changes to spectacles, contact lenses or by surgery. The vision loss can be stable or deteriorating.

The loss in vision can be in the central vision affecting reading, writing, seeing faces, watching TV, etc. This may be caused by a number of conditions including macular degeneration. Another type of vision loss is the difficulty with peripheral vision or visual fields. This can be caused by glaucoma, diabetes, retinitis pigmentosa, etc.

HELEN HEYNS at Orewa Optics specialises in Low Vision and has completed a certificate of advanced study at the University of Melbourne in Low Vision. She has accreditation in Low Vision with the New Zealand Association of Optometrists.

A Low Vision consultation with Helen will assess your current visual function and recommend solutions to help with daily tasks and hobbies. These may include special spectacles or low vision aids like magnifiers and telescopes. Recommendations are also given for finding new ways to do things around the home with reduced vision. Helen will help you learn to make the most of the vision that you have.