Cleaning and Caring for your Glasses

How to clean your glasses step by step:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Use cold or lukewarm water with some dishwashing liquid and rinse off OR use a special glasses cleaning spray from Orewa Optics
  3. Dry with a soft tissue (not moisturised) > Orewa Optics lenses are all coated with a durable scratch resistant coating and soft tissues will not harm your lenses when wet .
  4. Then polish with a microfibre cleaning cloth for an extra clean result, you can wash this cloth regularly in with your normal washing


Care for your glasses:

  • The safest place for your glasses is in the case or on your face
  • Take them off with both hands
  • Never put them anywhere where they can be stood or sat on, like the edge of the bed!
  • Wash your glasses regularly, especially if you’ve been to the beach
  • Try not touch your glasses when your hands have sunscreen on them.
  • Don’t leave your glasses in direct heat or in the car over summer (this can cause your lenses to craze and can cause harm to your frame). Your glasses DO NOT like extreme heat!


All glasses can bend and stretch over time. This is perfectly normal and a great excuse to come and visit us. If your glasses are loose, sliding , hurting or not straight or anything else that doesn’t feel right its time to come and visit us who will be happy to provide you with a FREE Warrant of Fitness on your glasses at any time.